This website uses online tracking to give me a better idea of what parts of it are of interest, and to help me receive passive feedback on the quality of the site. But I care very much for privacy on the internet, which is why I’ve chosen a free and self-hosted analytics service called Matomo (formerly known as Piwik).

I do this so that I know exactly how the data I collect will be used, and to be able to pass that peace of mind to the visitors of my site. As part of that policy, I respect your browser’s “Do Not Track” header, so if you’ve enabled that option in your browser, you will not be tracked by me. IP addresses are also recorded but the last two terms are removed, so they cannot be linked to you.

If you still do not want your anonymous tracking data to be recorded by me, and you haven’t disabled tracking by other means, the message at the bottom of this page should give you the option to opt-out of my personal tracker.

If you are concerned with privacy, you might want to check out The EFF’s Privacy Badger browser extension, and any of the other tools listed in DuckDuckGo’s page with suggestions to curb online tracking.